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I’m a little Teapot is a little Australian company with a big heart.  We are a company of women who support moms by sharing messages and ideas and providing quality organic products for babies.

We design our products in Australia and manufacture from clean organic cotton grown in India. Our designs are woven very carefully, & stitched with reinforced seams and extra strong cotton thread.  We wanted our packaging to be sustainable and so it is entirely plastic free.   Our packaging is an organic cotton bag that you can use over and over. Our community of moms tell us their preschoolers have taken them as marble bags & library bags.  We love hearing all the useful ways our beautiful packaging is used.  Email us with your ideas!

Our cotton is GOTS certified which is a stamp given by the Global Organic Textile Standard which guarantees our cotton has not been grown or handled with harmful chemicals.

We are a very approachable team of women and we would love to hear from you so please write to us and we’ll return your mail within 24 hours.  We love email, so don’t be shy.   Suscribe to our community for useful mommy tips and vip discounts on our products.

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100% Organic Cotton Crib Mattress Pad
Product Information
  • LAY YOUR BABY TO SLEEP ON OUR DOWNY SOFT MATTRESS PAD QUILTED WITH PURE COTTON WOOL!   It’s delectable. No other mattress pad has cotton filled quilting – if you read carefully on other crib pads, somewhere you will see that nasty word polyester fill, or rayon/viscose fibres. Our cotton is organic cotton all the way through, we don’t blend it with anything, and you can tell as soon as you touch it, it was grown this way. It’s plush & luxurious!
  • EXTREMELY DURABLE. Our gorgeous crib pad has organic cotton fitted sides which means no shredding in the dryer. You can expect our crib pad to last throughout ALL of your children making it a great investment. Most crib pads, even the high end ones have a polyester skirt. We have taken no shortcuts. Our organic cotton crib pad WILL last longer than any others featuring polyester.
  • The SAFE VOC FREE waterproofing is encased in cotton so it won’t stick together in the dryer and crack and split. This sandwiching technique makes our crib pad very soft, and very quiet so your tiny baby can gently wriggle about comfortably and without being disturbed.
  • The DELUXE COTTON FILLED QUILTING will add just the right amount of extra softness to your little one’s crib mattress, making every sleep feel like a cuddle. You will want to climb in, curl up with your baby and drift off yourself!
  • Lastly, OUR ORGANIC COTTON IS CLEAN & SIMPLY BEAUTIFUL. We are GOTS certified so you can trust our cotton. We do not use chemicals and we do not support human workers in the fields being subjected to chemicals either. We are passionate & caring people. We have three things in mind when we make our product; the cotton growers, our planet earth and your littlest one. Buy one now for your baby and if you really feel you’ve made the wrong decision we’ll refund you in full. We feel confident saying this because we know you will actually love it!! (and the really, really cute organic cotton bag too) WE ARE SO EXCITED TO BRING THIS VERY SPECIAL PRODUCT TO MARKET. WE COULDN’T BE PROUDER OF IT! Thanks for reading and take care of yourself mommy.

Customer Reviews

"Love, love, love it!This crib matress pad is the best out there in the market. Finally a product that is all organic cotton from inside and out and affordable too! I shopped around quite a bit before finding this one and I'm so glad I did. All the other organic pads I came across had polyester filling - this one is pure all the way. It's very nicely made, the padding is quite soft and thick, fits beautifully on the crib mattress and my baby sleeps so much better and longer in his crib for it. As a mom, I sleep even better knowing that his little self isn't exposed to anything toxic or harmful. Also it's GOTS certified so you know the organic cotton has been handled with care once picked which isn't the case with other organic cotton products. This is a must have in any baby crib! I hope this seller comes out with more products!!"

− RossM

"I have 3 kids and only discovered this Crib Mattress Pad Protector recently after my third child was born. I wish I had known about it earlier as it would have saved a lot of hassle and mess! It protects perfectly, but is also soft and comfortable. My previous crib protectors would shred in the washer and dryer, but this one stays intact and is durable, lasting longer than any other brands I've tried. If you know anyone with a baby in a crib, or having a baby, let them know about this Crib Mattress Pad Protector. You won't regret it!!"

− Bronya Zamarin

"I love this crib liner. It definitely provides the additional support needed for our crib mattress. We are working on transitioning our little one over to his crib and this was the perfect addition to assist in that process. Great product!"

− Taryrn Njagu

"I received this crib mattress pad as a sample to try out at home. I can vouch that it is very, very good. The pad area is very thick and soft. It feels like a feather comforter. I love that it's filled with cotton and you can tell right away it's not filled with polyester it's just too soft. It's been put together well and feels strong. I have washed it and it fits our crib no problems. It still feels very soft after washing and tumble drying. Baby hasn't wet yet to test the waterproofing but it's so lovely and thick I would be surprised if it didn't hold up. I really like the little bag it comes in too! I can highly recommend this product."

− Ashley Stirling

"I am rather late on my review...Excellent product! I searched for weeks trying to find an organic mattress pad that was 100% natural fiber filled. When i contacted the company with my questions they were quick to answer and were very helpful and sweet. I was pleasantly surprised when I opened the package. It's a wonderfully soft and thick pad. It fits our mattress perfect. It washed well and kept it's shape. I placed it in the dryer on low tumble for 15 minutes and hung to complete drying. We plan on ordering more."

− Jeff Gullett

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